The Service Bureau

Rapid Turnaround

Personalized assistance ensures that you get the information you need, when you need it. Guaranteed turnaround from receipt of a cross-tabulation project to delivery is five (5) working days, although most projects can be completed in three (3) days. (We are researchers first, so we understand the deadlines you face.)

Microtab User's Group

Because our service bureau uses the same software we sell, Microtab staff can step in to assist users with overflow work or can fill in for your staff during vacations, eliminating down-time.

Sample Service Bureau Pricing

Call us for a free cost estimate at 770-778-1810.

Service Cost Minimum
Data Import $100 minimum
Key Data Entry Varies $150 minimum
Key Verification Varies
Editing $25  minimum
Tables - Banner 1 $10/table $475 minimum
Tables - Banner 2 $3.25/table $150 minimum
Complex table programming Based on requirements