Microtab Version 7

With Microtab Version 7, you can tabulate millions of surveys per study with an unlimited number of questions per questionnaire. No command or programming languages to learn!

Standard Edition Features

  • Extensive table formatting options.
  • Preview all tables and summary reports on screen.
  • For value tables,
    • Autofill for stubs and their row labels.
    • Specify nets.
    • Print two additional stats (minimum and maximum values) for every banner point.
  • Median calculations accommodate negative weights and reversed ordering.
  • Have up to 999 rows/stubs for all table types.
  • Banner point shading to improve readability: shade selected banner points or the space between banner points. Vertical shading extends from banner labels to the end of the table. (Not yet available for Word 2010.)
  • Drag-and-drop to change table printing order -- print just one or multiple tables.
  • Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal percentages as well as horizontal and vertical indexing.
  • Import and export a variety of data formats including Excel, DBF, comma delimited, column binary, ASCII string, and ASCII card image.
  • Produce nets, sub-nets, and sub-sub-nets
  • Rank order nets and frequency counts within each net.
  • Clean data in batch mode.

Professional Edition Features

Upgrade at any time from the Standard Edition to receive:

  • Automatic statistical testing with the results annotated and inserted into your tables.
  • Multivariate (RIM) weighting (sample balancing).
  • Additional statistical options for uncompiled data, including:
    • Independent and Dependent t-Tests
    • Z-Tests
    • ANOVA
    • Repeated measures ANOVA
    • Chi-square testing
    • McNemar
    • Cochran’s Q

    Our Test Selection Matrix assists you in choosing the correct procedure.

  • Data manipulation (perform math operations on and between variables).
  • Advanced tables.

SPSS Add-On Module for Professional Edition Features

  • Seamlessly import variable names, data, and question and answer text from SPSS *.sav files.
  • Automatic one-click table creation, as well as the setting of weights (to establish means) and the setting of statistical testing parameters (t-Tests and Z-Tests).
  • Choose either variable names or columns for all operations after import of SPSS files.

Windows and Office Integration

  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems and Office 2007.
  • Save all your previews directly as a Word document or as an Excel file. Convert from Word to HTML for web publishing.
  • Preview all your generated output on screen before printing.

Microtab Version 7 Lease Option

Lease the current version of the Microtab Professional Edition with the SPSS Add-On Module for only $145 per month for one station. Free 24/7 support is included. Multiple station discounts are available.

Microtab Version 7 Pricing


First Workstation Subsequent Workstations
Standard Edition $995.00 $497.50
Professional Edition $1,795.00 $897.50
Professional Edition with SPSS Add-On Module $2,390.00 $1,195.00
SPSS Add-On Module (upgrade to from Professional Edition) $595.00 $297.50

Upgrades are priced at the cost difference (e.g., upgrading from Standard to Professional costs $800) and may be added at any time. All software prices are one-time charges, not recurring annual lease costs. Subsequent stations must be configured in the same manner as the first workstation.Included in any purchase is a lifetime of free 24/7 support.